Monday, November 16, 2009

RSD makes me Sick!

So anyway I have had a boring week. I have been sick since last monday and I now have pneumonia. RSD stinks because it effects how my immune system works. My friend Darcy gave me the cold that began all this and she barely was sick a day. I can't just be sick a day i have to go all out LOL.
I am babysitting her dog this week, Carter, while Darcy has to deal with some personal stuff. He is a snuggle bug and I love him. He is a 3 year old black pug chihuahua mix.
Right now I am just trying to chill and try to get better. The Doctor ordered me some steroids on top of the Zpak, inhaler, and nose spray that the Doctor prescribed to me.
I took a picture of all my medicine the other day and it made my jaw drop. It is scary how fast I have gone from no meds at all to a ton.
My birthday is a week from now....on the 24th. I am going to be 22 and I hope that everything goes ok between now and then. I have no clue what my friends are planning. I hope it is something low key because my RSD has been acting up a lot lately.
Anywho I gotta go get dinner now....till next time!
Also Please buy some stuff from this store the proceeds goes to RSD/CRPS Awareness & Research

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  1. Amber said...
    I'm so sorry about the pneumonia, I'm praying for healing soon! Dog sitting sounds like a lot of fun, I miss my dog who is at home while I'm at college. I saw the picture of Carter on Twitter, he is a cutie :)

    And by the way, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I hope your day is spectacular with gifts and friends and cake and maybe even confetti or those annoying things that make noise when you blow on them.

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