Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost My Birthday!

My birthday is on Tuesday and I am rather has been a rough year since my last birthday. RSD is a very rough disease to cope with. I know it is rough on my family as much as it hurts me.
I am soooo very lucky to have such an amazing family.
I am blessed to have my parents who are there by my side.
This week I have been sick sick sick...and once again I am sick again.
I was going to go with my friends and My Ghost Hunting Squad Researching today and got about halfway to my friends house and I got insanely sick!
It was so very embarrassing and demeaning getting sick on the side of the highway.

The guys went to the Court House and researched without me and it made me sad cause I had planned on having a fun day with them and then going debunking tonight at Bryn Du, to see if they can recreate the thing that we caught on video the other weekend.

I met this guy named Joey this week and he seems nice enough. I might get to meet up with him soon and hang out with him...I haven't gone on a date in a while so it would be nice to have one for a change. You know?

Well anyway I am gonna go talk to some friends online and chill and try to feel better.


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