Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 17

As of 9:45 am 7-14-08 it will mark 17 weeks that I have been hurt. It is offical the RSD is effecting my bone in my ankle/foot/ leg region. I have yet to see any money from anyone. Bill collectors are almost at my door and I am beyond scared. Not only because of that but because of the quality of life I will have. I most likely will have RSD for the rest of my life. My new orthopedic surgeon is getting me 2 more MRI's, he thinks that their may be a chance of surgery. I would love that because that means I could maybe become better again. My finacial situation i not very good. I have a broken wheelchair and my mental health is dwindling as people keep telling me I don't have a prayer. I am sick of that, that more and more people don't just help me get control of my life again. I desperately need a wheelchair that works. It is hard for me to crutch long distances. At this point I am prayin for someone to bless me. Anyway I am out, I need to force myself to sleep.


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