Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th......errrr ummm yeah

So my 4th was kind of anti-climaxtic. I went to a place called Der Dutchman and had lunch with the folks and my grandmother. It was fun and my mom bought me a new purse.....VERA BRADLEY!!! It was on sale but idk if she was really telling the truth or not lol....anyway it was fun just being able to hang with my fam on the 4th. My leg really hurt me today but I was determined to get out of this boot so bout dinner time today, mom and I ran (crutched) around town lookin for some sort of shoe that i could wear that wouldn't bother my RSD too much. We went to Wally World (Walmart), Nordstom, thought bout going to Macy's but ended up at Dick's Sporting Goods. I hopped back to the proper section and plopped down and started pointin' out shoes to my mom....i looked at mostly the adias sandles. You know the ones with the singluar strap in the front. I also tried on a number of different types of Crocs. I found some that were interesting but weren't quite right. It was fun pointing out the shoes but my poor mother hated it. I am so sorry that I am putting such a burden on her. I can't do hardly anything anymore. Can I please go back to being self supporting again? Anywho enough sidetracks, I ended up getting the Adias I can't really walk without my crutches so it is hard.....I am probably going to stick to the boot for a majority of the time when I am walking. After that we went home and sat down and watched my FAVORITE SHOW---------> Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew 2. OMgoodness my favorite crew has to be Fanny Pack hands down they have good ideas and they are so on target. I also like a couple of the other groups like Supreme Soul and A.S.S.I.D both which have shown they are more then just competitors they are contenders. It has become one of my guilty pleasures the last couple weeks.
Another thing that has happened since I last wrote on here.....the guy I am seeing and I are talking again. He is one of my best friends hands down, I love him so much and I hope to see him soon. To hug him tight and not let him go.
I actually got to see fireworks today!!! I was going to go to my town's fireworks but my foot hurt too much and I was afraid to go because of the walking. But instead I stayed home kind of sorry for myself. Well I was on my comp talking to a friend and all the sudden --BANG BANG BANG BANG i jumped up on my good leg and hopped to the window in my mom's room and out across the way above the trees behind our house was the fireworks I so longed to see. I haven't been home for 6 years for the 4Th so being able to feel the trill of having fire and the works so close to you is great! I ended up sitting in my moms chair with my phone out taping it all.

I pray that no matter what you do you don't regret it. Live your life so that when your old and your grand kids sit before you and ask you if your life had any regrets you will be able to say "No child, I don't regret a day."
Have a safe holiday and hug a loved one today!
Hugs and Kisses!
Kissa Fisha
aka Christa

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    Love ya... I have a thing for lengthening words ehh... Like KEEEEEEEEEL :) MWAHAHA

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