Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Bells

Well This had to be the best Christmas ever! It started off that I joined Joey's family for Christmas Eve. We exchanged the first part of our gifts. I gave him a sign that says "Bengals Fan Parking Only" and I gave him a picture I made of him standing under a rainbow of skittles, and it came with a whole huge bag of skittles.

He loved it and he is going to put it up as soon as he finds a nail.
He gave me a HUGE basket of good smelling stuff and also a gift card to Bath and Body Works.
We hung out and watched Harry Potter in his living room and just snuggled and enjoyed the Christmas lights.
The next morning I woke up and the family and I opened gifts. I got a whole bunch of great amazing stuff. I finally got a Snuggie, it is Blue and really soft. I also got Blue foot and Leg warmers that i can wear to keep my RSD leg warm and won't have spasms because of the cold. I was told I have gone over to the dark side because I got a snuggie but it is oh so warm and wonderful!
I also got an amazing amount of scarfs from my favorite place over in Easton. I literally have drooled over these scarfs whenever mom takes me to the movies. So she got me close to 10 of them in various different colors. Now I will stay warm and fashionable LOL! I got mom a digital picture frame, and grandma a bunch of CDs, and got dad a robe and a mug with the original RSD Awareness drawing from RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me.
He likes his coffee and he would be spreading awareness of RSD while drinking his coffee. The whole family also got bumper stickers with RSD on them.
After we opened gifts Joey came over so that he and I could exchange part two of our gifts. I gave him a Bengal's tie and a cute little teddy bear with its own Bengal's sweatshirt! It is cute.....its name is Ocho Cinco after the Bengal's player with the same name! I think it is the cutest thing ever and he took it with him to work yesterday so that it is always there.

He gave me the best gift ever! He gave me a beautiful Heart Locket with a Red stone in the shape of a heart. I am in love with it! He really is there for me and that just showed how much he truly cared. Mom and I are planning on printing out pictures to go in it. After we exchanged gifts we walked a bit around the house and took pictures together. It was so nice tospend our first Christmas together like that.
My RSD has been a lot better lately. Pain has been low and not a lot of swelling other then today cause I did too much yesterday and then i went and twisted it last night. Oh wells.
I hope that all of your Christmas's were as good as mine!
Also hope you have a Happy New Year!


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