Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupendous News!!!

I got into a really hard to get into Pain clinic in Cleveland!! I went into the hospital a little over a week ago and now I got a Appt. this upcoming week!! Thank goodness for DR. Referrals!!! I had to get a hotel room because I cannot drive that far in one day so I am staying over night then going in the morning then driving home.Not a lot going on. I am starting to walk pretty OK now. I walked 1/4 mile but totally payed for it last night and today. Kinda had a mini melt down. My grandma thinks I am being mean to her but I just cannot do as much as I used to and she is new to the RSD Kissa. I am flustered sometimes but hey I will still be alive tomorrow. Well off to dream land....going swimming tomorrow.


  1. Erika said...
    I already said this on twitter (it's ekrelly/erika by the way lol) but CONGRATSSSS! I'm so happy for you and I hope good things come out of the Pain clinic in Cleveland :)
    Rachel said...
    You've been a great help to your grandma, when it was the time to do that, but I gotta say, I think you need to be able to move on and have your own life, too. Maybe that is the lesson God is helping to tell you through the RSD. I think it would be great if you could do something for yourself, and let your grandma and yourself realize that she'll have to make other arrangements to be able to do without your help all of the time. I'm sorry if that seems like a harsh way of saying it, but you know everyone has to grow up sometime! Being an adult means moving on from relatives in a big way sometimes, too. :) Jesus even speaks of leaving one's relatives behind to follow your own life plan laid out by Him. Pray about it, and you'll know what you're meant to do.

    *God bless* I am so happy for you about this news!!!


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