Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Horrid Hospital Stay

I went into the Hospital this week. I've been really bad pain wise for the last month. The Pain spread from mid-calf to Mid-thigh. Finally Monday Night my mom took me to the ER and they took me in and admitted me after 3 rounds of diloted. I went back to my room and I fell asleep. First thing in the morning the nurse came and she asked me how I was, I said I was in horrid pain and that the pain was in my left leg. She proceeded to grab my bad leg. If you know anything bout RSD you know that I wanted to cry/die/rip her eyes from her head, it hurt so bad. She asked "Does that hurt?" I almost wanted to yell at her but I was dying to bad to answer. They pretty much doped me up. The Dr's just kept saying to get my Pain Stimulator Adjusted. One Rude Dr told me that they don't treat chronic pain they only treat acute pain and post op pain. I Had a couple hyperventilation over that conversation right there. I stayed another night and they said the same thing in the morning. They refused to talk to my mother and I was totally drugged up and I couldn't think. So mom got me out of there and took me to my Dr. They adjusted my Pain Stimulator but it didn't help so I am at home. They handed me prescriptions for Tramadol and some more Lyrica. Right now I am home and not able to do a lot. So messages and the like are really appreciated!


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