Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hope is Important!!

So I thought I would do a longer update then usual. I am going up north the Cleveland to see a new Doctor. I am kinda nervous but hopeful that things will work out for the best. A lady I met a week or so ago hired me to do the art for a foundation she is starting. 7 pieces to start off with and more to follow. She is doing a month on RSD because I told her about my story. She thought I was this little kid though. This is like the 15th time this month alone that people thought i was younger then a truly am. Some people say it is a blessing but right now I am kinda upset because I am getting treated like a 2 year old. It kinda stinks and all I wanna do is get treated like an Adult. With all I've gone through in my short 22 years I am a lot more mature then some people my age. I had to learn to take things in stride. I been on twitter a lot lately if you wanna follow me just send me a message @KissaHasRSD . I been talking to on of my friends on there and she has really helped me through a lot lately. She keeps telling me that I def don't wear rose color glasses about my RSD and I tell the truth. I always tried to be truthful about what I am going through. Some people think that is annoying but if my story helps someone else suffering then my jobs done right. Education is so narrowed to just what you lean in school and there is a whole world of information out there. I didn't know what RSD was till I was Diagnosed. Some people don't know about some diseases till it is too late and then it just stinks. But we gotta keep on holding onto Hope! Well I am gonna rest for a while. My stim died this week so I am not getting any relief from my pain.....Hugs to all!!!

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  1. Caf said...
    Looking forward to hearing more about your art/RSD project, that sounds really awesome! Needing so much help with things can make me feel like I get treated like a child as well, I just want my independence back! Hope they get that stim fixed up quickly for you xoxo

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