Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm going Viral!

So the other day after not being able to go to bed after hours and hours of trying I got an idea.
I had seen these note card videos recently, and how moving they are. I thought why not make my own but about living with RSD/CRPS. As I progressed late into the night, the idea sprang out of me. I finally sat down at my computer. Well more or less set up my bed room with enough lighting, and such. As I read through my cards I thought about each and every person who had ever said that my pain wasn't real. That pushed me out of their lives or I chose to leave theirs because the pain that was caused by their unbelief. I put all that pain and that hope for a new tomorrow into each and every word that I wrote.
My husband came into our bedroom right as I was about to start filming. He had been working on a project out on the computer and thought I had been sleeping. Long and behold I had been up this whole time cutting out and writing on cards. So he walks in ready to sleep, to a room which is a disaster area full of half written cards and paper pieces scattered all over our bed. He looks at me and with that look only a husband could give, says "I wanted to go to sleep, too." I looked back to him with only a pitiful look that I can give and replied, "30 more minutes please?"
So I got to work and went through the cards and put them to a video and edited the video together.
I posted it Saturday Morning at about 10:30 am EST. When I went to bed there was a little under 200 views when I woke up there was 969 views. Tonight Sunday 1/9/12 there is 1,443 views!
Now after all this you are probably saying. Where is this video?
Well here it is!

I hope you all like!


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