Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not a lot has been going on lately. I am working now. I am a nanny. I love it even though it is part time. The girls are getting big. I fall more in love with them every time I get to see them.
They are getting upwards of 15 pounds. Riley loves to "stand" and Zoey loves to swing in the swing. They are amazing.
This month is RSD Awareness Month and I have been very very busy focusing on RSD/CRPS Awareness. Tomorrow we are having a chat morning on our website www.rsdcrpsdoesntownme.com. We have grown so far since Krista and I started this organization. We have so many people that think what we do is amazing.
Truthfully it shocks me. I am not doing anything more then I would want someone else to do for me. Researching this amazes me. I find something new everyday. I have met so many interesting people, who inspire me to be a better person.

Church has been amazing lately. My pastor has put out a book and I did a review about it. You can get his book on Amazon it is called "Choosing to Choose." I wrote a review about it at http://www.rsdcrpsdoesntownme.com/articles/review-of-choosing-to-choose-by-dr-tony-robbins
I really enjoyed this book and I think everyone Christian or not should read it. It would solve a lot of the world's problems!
Well I must get ready for work, so I will get off here. Love to all!

Here are Pics.

Riley and Zoey Holding hands.
Holding Riley and loving on her.                                                                                                                                

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  1. Hughey Mews said...
    Merry Christmas!! The babies are so adorable.
    Love you!!

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