Saturday, January 26, 2013

I haven't been writing here and that is a shame. I won't make excuses because it should have been done a long time ago. Been working with a new family. One boy (4) and two twin girls (2). They have tested both my limits emotionally and physically, but they have tested my RSD as well. I do care greatly for them but sometimes it is hard. I have been doing a lot with RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me. We started making awareness posters for RSD/CRPS and Chronic Pain. 140 Million people suffer from Chronic Pain in the United States and that is WAY too much! There are more people suffering from RSD/CRPS than that of MS, HIV/AIDS, and Breast Cancer in the United States combined. That is insane. No one should have this disease or suffer in this fashion. It isn't right so to get the awareness out there in hopes that someone who has the key sees it and starts caring enough to do something about it. I thought I would post some of my favorites.

This one really shows the way RSD/CRPS feels inside. A Raging fire encased in cold hard unforgiving ice.

This one hits me in the heart everytime. There has been children as young as 2 being diagnosed with this disease.

One person suffering with Chronic Pain is too much!

Our Volunteer Karen made this one! She is awesome and is a great friend!

Chose this one because we thought it looked like the hand was reaching out for help.

It is truly sad that the medical world knows little to nothing or doesn't care to educate themselves more on RSD/CRPS

These are my legs. When I flare my right leg mirrors the left pain wise and you truly cannot tell them apart. But looks aren't everything. Pain is still pain and I still want a cure.

This quote came from a video I did about a year ago. I have used this vision in the past but it was nice to put it on a picture.
So many judge us on our outward appearance. "Oh she is so young there could in no way shape or form be anything wrong with her." Yet the sad thing there is something wrong and I am suffering inside. Please don't judge?
This was the hardest to make I have lost a bunch of my RSD friends to suicide because they just couldn't take it anymore.
They call it the "Suicide" disease for a reason. There is no way out, no treatments, that truly work for everyone.
I believe Support is the most important thing in the world.
This was our most popular.
People do not believe when we say that it is really bad. It is high than childbirth, cancer, and getting a limb cut off.
Needless to say these all are heart breaking in their own way. Please educate those around you of this disease. There are so many suffering and so many more going each day undiagnosed and alone. Please I beg of you don't allow others to suffer alone! Christa W. Founder of RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me


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