Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Guess what?!?!

So I haven't written in quite a while so today I was like I should write something cause a LOT has happened lately!
The date was april 7th, 2010 and my boyfriend, Joey, decided to take me to the Columbus Zoo to help me take my mind off of the fact it had been exactly 2 years since my accident that caused my RSD. We had a blast we saw all the animals and laughed so hard when I joked that his relatives were there. (The monkeys) He pushed me around in my grandmother's wheelchair and never once complained! It even took 45 mins to wait in line of lunch but he did it all with a smile.
If you know anything about me it is hard and close to impossible to surprise me. My mother tried when I was 17 and I knew what was going on weeks before the surprise party. So knowing I knew what could happen that day Joey told me that he forgot the ring. He really had me going, and I got to the point I was rather miffed he could have been so careless to leave something as important as my engagement ring at home.
Finally due to my Rsd pain we had to leave so instead of going home we decided to grab dinner at Applebees.
We sat down and ordered and got the awesome 2 meals & an appetizer for like 20 dollars...I know goods deal eh? LOL I suddenly wasn't hungry and this is normal for me but oddly Joey wasn't hungry either. He was oddly jittery and totally not like himself.  We paid the bill and boxed up the left over food but we didn't leave he just kept telling me to wait a second.
He finally got up and asked me if I knew what was in his hand. I was confused because I thought he didn't have the ring. He proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me if I, Christa Elisabeth Azbell would do him the honor of becoming his wife, his best friend, and soul mate!
Well after all that I of course said yes! He proceeded to put the ring on my finger but something was wrong. Number one it was too small and number 2 it was the wedding band of the set and not the engagement ring. Me being the type not to correct and thinking it was truly the ring I love it because it was a symbol of my future husbands love for me. I literally couldn't breath let alone speak to let out the emphatic "yes."
He put it on my pinky for the time being and we went home to show mom and dad. I was stoked all the way home! I was engaged!
I showed mom and grandma because dad wasn't home from work yet. Grandma made me cry because she told Joey to take care of her baby grandchild. I have never seen her that proud and happy! Mom decided we should go to a jewelers to see about getting the ring sized correctly. We ended up not finding a place but Joey asked my mom while I went in to ask about sizing if he should give me my other ring to get sized. He then pulled out the engagement ring. Mom immediately told him to give it to me and he brought it in and I turned around to see him sheepishly standing there with the ring. I nodded and he put it on my ring finger.
We went home and showed my dad we took pictures and re enacted the scene for posterity's sake and went outside and took pics of the ring and me and Joey.
The next day I researched a little and found out that there was a well accredited jeweler in Worthington,OH 17 mins from my house. So before I had to pick up Joey to take him to work I took me and my mom to there and got sized. I told Joey that it wouldn't be back till saturday morning.
Later in the day after taking Joey to work my mother yelled up at me and told me to get in the car. We went and I found out that my ring was already done! So when I went to pick Joey up from work I was very excited! When he got in the car I flashed a grin and then subtly showed off the ring. He got all excited and I took it off and handed it to him and asked if he wanted to make it offical. He placed it on my finger and its never coming off! Ever!!!

I have been planning the wedding since that fateful day, and so far not a lot of stress cause it causes my pain level to rise drastically. I have my whole budget planned out and everything we want split between me and Joey doing it and I pretty much have everything but my photos budgeted in but that will come on Saturday!

Anyway! Hope you guys enjoyed and I can't wait to be married this summer July 17th!

Here are some photos LOL

 I will put up pictures of the ring on my correct finger when I take them.


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