Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First few weeks of march!

My RSD Leg is getting worse. It is very scary sometimes, and it is very very hard to deal with mentally. You don't want to let on to the people around you just how bad you are hurting. I have found if you talk about how much pain you are in, people tend to think you are just being a baby. It isn't fair that I have to have RSD, and it is very scary. I try to keep the good people in my life and the ones that don't care I leave them on the side of the road of life. It is very hard to push those people out of my life. Even though they have hurt me they are still a part of my life. I have to watch and take care of my mental and physical health and negativity doesn't help any of that.
The last couple weeks I have been very busy, and now I am paying for it. My future sister in law and I went to the Art Museum and did art projects also. We had a blast it was treat to have Delilah over and hang out and be silly girls. We watched a lot of movies,ordered pizza, ate cookies with lots of icing,ate chips, and had sandwiches. It was amazing and very yummy. 2 days of just being silly.
Now my ankle is huge because I pushed myself too much. It wasn't a good idea to push myself like that.
I really want to go see Joey today but I don't know what time I will feel up to leaving the house let alone getting cleaned up.
We are currently still celebrating World Wide RSD Angel Month. In order to celebrate we are collecting RSD stories from patients and caregivers. We need to educate the masses on the horrors or RSD/CRPS.
The road to a cure starts with education! Check out and share it with your friends and family. Help us spread awareness!


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