Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Update from last couple months.

So its over I am married....I know I know....the Single Men of the World Weep and Wail over their loss LOL. It was amazing! The Friday before my friend, Tara, planned my Bridal Shower Some of my Closest Friends and Family came and it was a blast! Tara set up an interview on tape of Joey answering questions about him. They then asked me the same questions and for every one I got incorrect I had to put a Marshmallow in my mouth. I ended up messing up a lot cause I was in a bad RSD fog that day but it ended up being hilarious. We also did a Honey-do list and I got all of them right.

The Tuesday before the Wedding my friend Sarah came into town all the way from the UK. I was sooooo happy when she was safely here. We went to the Zoo that Wends. and we had a lot of fun. Sarah had never been to America so going to the zoo was a blast and we also saw stuff there that we hadn't see when we went the day Joey proposed.
Thursday and Friday were spent working on setting up and getting last min. stuff for the wedding. The groomsmen finally got their outfits and they looked amazing!
July 16th we had rehearsal. I was so tired and in pain because I couldn't sit down correctly. My RSD kind of ruined the moment but I still had fun. Joey and I were sooooo nervous.
When I woke up the morning of my Wedding I felt sick to my stomach but I was excited. We ran off to get me and my friend Tara's Hair done and we both looked killer. We ran to the church and I started getting ready. I got to talk with Joey's Mom a bit as I was getting ready and it helped me to relax and focus on this happy day. Finally we were ready to put on my dress and i felt like a Princess as I put it on and was strapped in. Everyone lined up and my mom left to go light the unity candles with Joey's Mom and she then came back to join me and my dad to walk me down the aisle. It was heaven. As my parents walked me down the aisle my dad realized that he hadn't taken off his Shoes. Everyone was shoeless in honor of me because I can not longer wear normal shoes because of my RSD. So halfway down the aisle my poor arthritic 64 year old father bent down and proceeded to try to take off his Shoes. It was one of the funniest things ever.I finally got to the end and was handed off to Joey. He looked so handsome in his Blue Shirt and Tie. I was speechless. We said our vows and we were getting ready to exchange rings and we turned around to get them from our best man and maid of honor. Suddenly Joey's Brother Josh who was one of his Best Men whipped out a Cracker Jack box and proceeded to open it eat some and pull out my ring. It was one of the funniest things I had seen in my life. We finally exchanged rings.
We then walked to light the unity candle and walked back Husband and Wife.
We walked out of the ceremony and into our reception and it was amazing. It was beautiful. Our wedding cake was more then I could have imagined. Joey's Grooms cake was beyond amazing! The food was lovely and the company even more so. Everyone ate and had a blast. Joey and I danced and I tossed my bouquet. Sarah my friend from the UK caught it.
Joey took off my garter and he tossed it and Josh his brother caught that. So we made Josh put my garter onto Sarah who we had been trying to hook up together since she got into the States. They are such a cute couple.
Finally everything settled down and a lot of people left so we opened our gifts and got so much stuff. It was amazing!
We finished and decided to change and got ready to leave. My friends had decorated our car with cute sayings and the back had a big Just Married written on it. We finally left and got out on the road. We went to West Virginia to a little State Park Called Pipestem and stayed in a little hotel at the bottom of Bluestone Gorge.
It was amazing! We stayed there for 5 days and went to Hinton. Princeton, Sandstone Falls, Beckley to the Coal Mine. It was amazing! All together it was a heavenly trip with my husband.
I love my hubby and I am sooooo happy to now be Mrs. Christa Whightsel
Here are some photos.

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    Hi Christa & Joey. Your wedding was wonderful.

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