Friday, September 18, 2009

Post Surgery

So I had surgery yesterday and got a Spinal Cord Stimulator Battery Replacement. It all went like a blur. I got in there and they took me back and got me prepped and not but 30 mins later they were taking me off for pre-op. They put me totally under and I don't remember a lot about them putting me under. They actually put a breathing tube down my throat so that kinda stunk. My throat is raw now but I am trying to be positive.It went really fast and I ended up going home. I had some great friends come over and see me but I barley remember what was said. I turned on my stim today and it works ok so far.

My Back is really hurts and I am trying not to move to awful much. I am glad it is done but this is the time I hate the most....recovery.

Anywho I am going back to bed!!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey! I am so happy your surgery went well. I know recovery is not fun. I've had many surgeries on my stomach for Endometriosis. I believe the stomach and back are the worst places to have surgery on. I thought about you yesterday.

    I love your blog page! Here are my blog pages. Yes, I have several blogs. I'm fixing to start another blog for my poems. I'll let you know what it is after I start it.

    Hugs and Love ya!
    Krista Lynn

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