Monday, July 6, 2009

RSD Sucks Eggs lol

So been a while since I wrote so I thought I would update. My RSD has gotten worse since my Stim died over 3 weeks ago. I went and did some stuff with my friend Rob for the 4th but now I can barley walk without the assistance of a walker. My whole leg is flared up bad today and it is really swollen. Makes me wanna rip it off and throw it off a bridge. My friend Rob has really been there for me he took me out in my wheelchair and pushed me around to the parade and drove me to and from. He really makes me smile and he understands me completely. He is my best friend in the world. Happy Belated 4th to everyone btw. Well I am gonna go see if this leg will shut up and let me sleep.....a high school friend of mine names Gordo is coming over to see me tomorrow so i gotta be able to do a little something. Hugs and Pain Free Days to all!!!


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