Monday, July 27, 2009

Late Update

I haven't updated in a while. I have been really busy lately. I still haven't found out when I am gonna get surgery. I have been real busy lately. I started playing d20 Modern with a group of my friends this past week and I am really enjoying it. I am planning on going to the zoo with my friend Gordon on Wednesday with his church group. My big sissy Flora's roomie Leo came through town this weekend, and he and his friend Rich went out to dinner with me. We had a lot of fun just hanging and talking. I love my friends, I am glad that people aren't scared away by the lack of things I am able to do and are willing to work around my pain.
The last few weeks have been rough. I have/had the stomach/24 hour fluish type thing on and off. I have been on T180 a little less lately but it is still my main form of entertainment. I got shortlisted an got a tshirt.
I want to go on vacation to Iowa. I have a friend that way and I miss her with all my heart. I also got another ghost hunt this weekend @ the Opera House. We have a book dealio coming to shadow us while we investigate. This is like the 10th time I have investigated this place. We now control all the tours and investigations that happen there and we give the Opera House the profits so that they can update the place and make it look better. It was built back in 1903 but the history of the area tells us there used to be a hotel there that burned down. There was a tunnel that ran under the town, they say it was because of the common belief that Yellow Fever couldn't be spread underground. The whole area has interesting paranormal things going on inside but the main part that is haunted is the basement which is most likely the original basement of the hotel. The whole town is beautiful and they have a little Inn down the road that I am in love with.
Anyway I have to go relax! HUGS!!


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