Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes Videos Change Your Life!

A good friend of mine sent this to me on a really horrid day this week. I sat there at cried through the whole thing. It hit me in places that I never knew I had. I am a wide eyed naive child in the eyes of the world. I tend to trust people a lot more than I should I try to open my hands and open my heart and let everyone in that I can fit. Then wonder why I get hurt so often. This tends to make me pull back into myself. Pull inside and brood and grump. Lately I have been like this. Just pulling inside not allowing anyone in, sometimes not even my husband. Just complaining and allowing whatever is going on eat at me. Why ruin the wonderful person I am? Why ruin the outlook I have? Why not allow the pain of life and everything else to teach me instead of hurting me. I collapse into this continual circle of self doubt, and self pity. Thinking that I am this horrible screw up and that my life doesn't make a difference. The problem with this thinking is who does this hurt? Not only myself...but each and every person that I touch.
I have to stop trying to muddle through only giving 50%.....I need to focus on how to make my 100% healthier and more productive and help make my world and those around me better.


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